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Brand New Website Look

Brand New Website Look

This brand new website has been redesigned from the ground up to help ensure a smooth and efforless experience when browsing.  

Welcome to the New and Improved Lee Abraham website


T his brand-new website has been totally redesigned from the ground up to make sure that the user experience as smooth and informative as possible while avoiding some of the common nuisances found on sites like this such as pop-ups, alerts and notifications.  We wanted to make some improvements to the overall performance and that began with going through every line of code and removing anything that was no longer serving any purpose.  It's common in web development for a programmer to write a sub-routine to solve a problem that is later solved in a more organic fashion, leaving an "orphan" sub-routine that takes up 600 lines of code.  Removing such instances from the code base improves performance and helps render the code more easily audited by future developers looking to make improvements or troubleshoot a problem.

Here are a couple of tips to help you find your way around the site.


Registration and Login:

To register and/or login to the site, look at the top-right side of the page and find the login/register icon, just to the left of the search icon - shown here circled in yellow:
















When you click on that icon you will see a small red menu pop up with links to either Login or Register:
















Simply click your choice and you're all set.


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