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Lee Abraham's 6th Studio Album

Lee Abraham's 6th Studio Album

Lee Abraham is about to release "Colours," his 6th full-length studio album and follow up to his 2016 release, "The Seasons Turn"

Lee Abraham announces new album, "Colours" 


November 7, 2017 - The United Kingdom


British musician, songwriter and producer Lee Abraham is set to release his 6th full-length studio album.  "Colours" is scheduled for release on November 27, 2017 on F2 records.


An iTunes digital version of the album will also be made available, with the date yet to be determined. 


"Colours" is now available for pre-order exclusively from Lee's website.  Head on over to the online store now to reserve your copy!


Once again, Lee has gathered a group of excellent musicians from in and around the United Kingdom to articulate his musical vision.


Produced in Lee's Dockside Studio with engineering by Karl Groom at Thin Ice studios in London.   

Gerald "Mully" Mulligan is back again on the drums as is Christopher James Harrison on guitar and backing vocals.  Simon Godfrey returns on lead and backing vocals, Allstair Begg is on bass and Lee plays all guitars, keyboards and contributes backing vocals as well.


For fans of Lee who would like to support his art in the most direct way possible, pre-ordering "Colours" from this web site means the money goes directly to Lee himself.







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