PICtures in the hall

Lee's debut album was originally released on CD-R.  Now available, by populare demand, as 320Mbps MP3 download exclusively from this site.  Hear how it all started for Lee with this very first album!

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View from the bridge

Lee's second album was a concept and also the first time Lee brought in multiple musicians (other than Gerald "Mully" Mulligan on drums who has been with Lee since the debut) to record an album and it helped Lee start finding his voice.

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Black & white

Book-ended by the two epics, aptly titled "Black" and "White" this may be Lee's heaviest album to date.  The influences of bands like Dream Theater and Iron Maiden can be heard in some of the more bone-crushing riffs.

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distant days

Distant Days is Lee's fourth full-lengh studio album and features most of the same core group of musicians from the other albums. This time Lee headed back into a more ambient style of music, generally, but it still rocks when it needs to!

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the seasons turn

2016's critically acclaimed The Seasons Turn was Lee's fifth full-length studio album and up to now his most popular album. While not officially a concept album, the songs all carry a certain mood and vibe as do the lyrics.

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This will be Lee's sixth full-length studio album and is probably the most highly-anticipated release of his 15+ years music career. Lee has assembled pretty much the same cast of musicians as the other albums - available for Pre-order now.

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Available now for purchase from Lee's online shop.

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Brand New Website Look
Brand New Website Look
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Lee Abraham's 6th Studio Album
Lee Abraham's 6th Studio Album
Lee Abraham announces new album, "Colours"    November 7, 2017 - ...
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